miércoles, 27 de junio de 2007

Todo sea por el marketing!

Quisiera pensar que soy muy desconfiada pero ahora estoy ligando cosas... ¿o no, doctor Hawass? Chequen la programación del próximo 15-jul en el Discovery Channel (¡quien viviera en el país de las hamburguesas, el agua con hielos y los tenis blancos!)... ojo Nefer, vale la pena:

A whole afternoon/evening about Egypt on Discovery Channel (USA)
on Sunday July 15th [incl. the new Hatshepsut show]:

3 pm: Quest for the Lost Pharaoh
Follow Egyptologist Vassil Dobrev as he uncovers a hidden tomb of enormous
proportions. By analyzing the hieroglyphics and the structure and placement
of the tomb, Vassil reveals that the tomb dates back some 4,500 years.

4 pm: The Sphinx Unmasked
The Sphinx is the largest free-standing stone sculpture on earth. But for
most of the 4,500 years of its existence, its true origin and the identity
of its face have been cloaked in mystery. An Egyptologist is on the verge of
cracking the riddle.

5 pm: Nefertiti Resurrected
In a tomb in the Valley of the Kings lies one of Egypt's greatest secrets.
Three mummies rest hidden in a small chamber behind a secret wall. A leading
Egyptologist believes one of the bodies belongs to Nefertiti, a famous queen
of ancient Egypt.

7 pm: Building the Great Pyramid
Of the many myths surrounding the construction of the Great Pyramid, none is
more difficult to eradicate than the belief that it was built by slaves.
Find out the truth as to how and why this extraordinary human monument was

8 pm: King Tut's Mystery Tomb Opened
In the first tomb found in Egypt's Valley of the Kings in 84 years,
scientists find 7 coffins, plus a golden infant-size coffin, but one coffin
remains sealed. Now, in a Discovery exclusive, they race to reach it, read
the markings, and lift the lid... (programmed again Monday July 16th - 12

9 pm: Secrets of Egypt's Lost Queen
More powerful than Cleopatra or Nefertiti, Hatshepsut was Egypt's greatest
female ruler. And then she disappeared. Egypt's preeminent archaeologist,
Zahi Hawass, investigates several mummies that may well be the remains of
this powerful queen. (programmed again July 16th - 1 am; July 21st - 9 pm;
July 22d - 1 am)

11 pm: The Lost Mummy of Imhotep
The Egyptian high priest in the movie, The Mummy, is considered by
historians to be the first genius. The first to build pyramids, this
physician and ruler was a god to his people. Archaeologists may have
discovered his tomb in the sands of Saqqara.

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